CiC Equity Fund



CiC Equity Fund is a fund created and managed by CiC Capital Partners Plc under the authorization and supervision of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC).

CiC Equity Fund is created to invest in potential Cambodian SMEs and Startups in all sectors. Our primary focus is on Finance, Agri-related business, Service, and Technology. 

The potential companies are selected based on thorough assessment and analysis on the management team who is leading and managing the business, business growth potential and the follow-on investment possibly provided by CiC. 


  • Provide choice of access to finance to SMEs with low financing cost and without collaterals
  • Provide investment opportunity with acceptable RoI, investment professionalism, and proper risk management to investors
  • Contribute to Cambodian economic growth through its investment strategy
  • Decrease the gap of knowledge and improve tolerance between investors and invested SMEs in order to build a business community with sustainability and a win-win solution
  • Provide investment opportunity to long-term investors who expect to receive dividend and capital gain.

Investment Strategy

 Investment Strategy

CiC Equity Investment uses 4 investment strategies:

    1. Private Equity Acquisition

The capital will be mostly allocated to invest in private equity to provide access to finance to SMEs and Startups to fuel further growth of their business. A valid growth strategy, additional growth capital, corporate governance, and the right strategic shareholder who can add value to the business are essential for a business to ultimately achieve its future growth plan. Through private equity investment, CiC Equity Fund will add all these values to its investees.

    2. Private Bond Acquisition

A share of capital will be invested in private Bond to provide access to finance to SMEs in order to meet their working capital needs. Because of the fact that access to working capital is important for the businesses to expand their activities, to achieve growth, and to improve their profit, private bond investment of CiC Equity Fund will provide favorable conditions with consulting service and no collateral.

    3. Project-Based Investment 

A share of capital will be allocated to invest in various potential projects which show a promising return for the investors of the fund. The projects are real estate projects which have acceptable risk-return balance and professionalism guarantee. The investment could be done in both equity and bond investment.

    4. Convertible Note Acquisition

A share of capital will be allocated to acquire convertible note from potential companies. Convertible note basically works as same as private bond except the investor is associated with the right  to convert the note to equity at market price.


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