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CiC, The​ 1st company granted “Fund Management Company” license from SECC


 CiC, The​ 1st company  granted “Fund Management Company” license from SECC

Cambodian Investors Capital Partners Plc (CiC Capital Partners) is a public limited company and a subsidiary of Cambodian Investors Corporation Plc (CiC Plc). It is one among the few private equity firms in Cambodia, which focuses mainly on investing in Cambodian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Impact Businesses, Technology Start-ups (Tech Start-ups) and other potential investment projects.

CiC Capital Partners is the first company in Cambodia, officially licensed as “Fund Management Company” by Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) on 7th June 2019. As a Fund Management Company, CiC Capital Partners creates and manages public funds of collective investment schemes. This means that this company is entitled to collect funds from investors, make investment following its predefined investment strategy, distribute the return on investment back to investors, and protect any occurred risks.

To enhance trust and provide peace of mind for investors, CiC Capital Partners is entitled to comply with all legal compliances and procedures under the regulations of SECC. As for making investment decisions revolve around risks and returns, it is a good opportunity for investors who have idle funds, but lack of time or expertise in doing and managing their own investments to get access to the professional investment team. With sufficient human resources, systems, physical equipment and facilities, CiC Capital Partners works on behalf of all investors in attaining the goals of making the fund sustainable and profitable, so that investors can enjoy the return on investment accordingly and proportionally to the amount of their capital invested. CiC Capital Partners welcomes entrepreneurs who have good, legitimate and ethical business ideas and need to raise funds from investors to corporate and work together through this investment platform.

The mission of CiC Capital Partners is to mobilize local investors and build the most reliable investment platform where they could participate in and benefit from their best potential in growing Cambodian local enterprises and economy in a sustainable and ethical manner. Therefore, aside from earning passive income generated from this investment, investors are also a part of the catalyst to foster economic growth in Cambodia. SMEs development is crucial for sustainable growth of Cambodian economy and social development, including job and income creation, and growth of a dynamic private sector, etc. This aligns with Cambodia Industrial Development Policy 2015-2025 and rectangle 3 sides 2 of the Rectangle Strategy IV of the Royal Government of Cambodia. Meanwhile, CiC Capital Partners is committed to working closely with SECC and other relevant authorities to solve any challenges faced by SMEs, especially the challenge of having access to finance, and also to participate actively in the development of Cambodian securities market.

Despite the significant contributions to the local economy created by SMEs, one of the impending challenges local SMEs face is getting access to finance. SMEs and Start-ups could not develop further without supports from related parties in the business ecosystem including incubators, accelerators, co-working space, etc. and more importantly fund providers. In order to meet the need of financing of SMEs as well as Start-ups and to provide more investment opportunities to investors, CiC Capital Partners plans to set up 2 different funds: Fixed Income Fund and SMEs fund. Both funds will target Cambodian SMEs, Impact Businesses and Tech Start-ups in order to help them get access not only to finance, but also market, knowledge, and expertise. With this mission in mind, CiC Capital Partners envision a prosperous local economy in which local entrepreneurs and investors actively participate in and benefit from.